The Fairground Cinema Database

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Information on fairground cinema in Germany and neighbouring countries between 1896 and 1926. Note that this database runs in a different framework for technical reasons.  

The Documents Collection

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Contains approx. 5,000 texts on early cinema in Germany between 1895 and 1914, from a wide selection of non-film sources, such as specialist journals and general newspapers.

The Film Supply and Programme Databases

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Information on approx. 45,000 films available on the German market between 1895 and 1920 (irrespective of their country of origin).
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Contains a sample of film programmes from 1905 to 1914, mostly from permanent cinemas, compiled from the newspapers of nine German cities of different regions and sizes (c. 1,200 programmes from c. 100 cinemas, containing c. 3,800 different films).

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